Almost since the invention of the automobile, people have pushed the very limits of endurance of man and machine in the quest for glory and speed. The thrill of competition – not just in winning, but in the effort itself, has created a proud tradition of excellence in Kansas that has found a permanent home at the Kansas Auto Racing Museum.

About Us

The Kansas Auto Racing Museum highlights the proud history of motorsports in Kansas, and the role that Kansans have had in advancing all levels and types of motorsports around the world. What makes this museum truly special is that it is composed of stories, artifacts and exhibits from across the state.

Kansas Racing History

Did you know the first NASCAR race winner was from Halstead, Kansas?

Did you know the first NHRA event winner was from Abilene, Kansas?

The museum is not just a display of racing memorabilia – instead, it is a collection of memories from our neighbors, friends and families. Memories of a time when the local races were the highlight of the week . . . . when the cars seemed to be going a million miles per hour and the drivers seemed larger than life.

The goal of the Kansas Auto Racing Museum is to make Kansans proud of their racing tradition.

Our goal will be accomplished when we see the knowing smile of an old man remembering how racing was in his day, or the look of awe on a young child’s face who gets to see a race car up close for the first time.

Many years have passed since the first auto races in Kansas, but the cars still seem to go a million miles per hour and the drivers still seem larger than life!

Relive racing memories of the past and experience the celebration of speed that continues in racing today at the Kansas Auto Racing Museum.


$5 – Ages 12 & up

$3 – Seniors(65)

$3 – Ages 6-12

kids under 6 are free

Are you featured in the Kansas Auto Racing Museum?

If you have memorabilia or other items that you think would be of interest to other racing fans, you could be featured in the Kansas Auto Racing Museum! We are always looking for items to preserve and display.

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